How to Install Python is the official website for python. Download python from Based on operating system you use.

Let's perform the following steps to install Python:

  • Double click the 'python-3.8.2.exe' file.
  • Select the Install launcher for all users and Add Python 3.8.2 to PATH checkboxes.
  • Click the 'Install Now' link.
  • When Python installation is complete, we can see 'Setup was successful' message.
  • Click the 'Close' button.

Testing the Installation in Windows 10

Click the 'Start' button on the task bar of the Windows 10 operation system. It displays all applications available in your system in alphabetical order. Type Python and view the following icons:

  • IDLE (Python 3.8 64-bit)
  • Python 3.8 (64-bit)
  • Python 3.8 Module Docs (64-bit)

Verifying the Path to Python

During the installation process of Python, the path is automatically set to Python. We can verify the path to the Python directory in the Operating system's environment variables. Let's perform the following steps to view the path to the Python directory:

  • Right click the 'This PC' icon in Windows 10. Then click the 'Properties' option as shown in Figure It will display a page where we should click the 'Advanced system settings' option. It will display a System Properties dialog box.
python installation properties
  • Click the 'Environment Variables' button, as shown in Figure
  • python installation properties
  • Select Advanced Tab and Click on Environment Variables Button
  • python installation properties
  • Click the 'Edit' button present at the right side of the Edit Environment Variable dialog box
  • python installation properties
  • It will display the directories involved in the Path. We can observe that the directory by the name Python38\Scripts is added to the Path,
  • python installation properties