Python OOPS

The languages like C, Pascal, Fortran etc., are called Procedure Oriented Programming languages since in these languages, a programmer uses procedures or functions to perform a task.

While developing software, the main task is divided into several sub tasks and each sub task is represented as a procedure or function. The main task is thus composed of several procedures and functions. This approach is called Procedure oriented approach.

Procedure Oriented Approach

Procedure Oriented Language

On the other hand, languages like C++, Java and Python use classes and objects in their programs are called Object Oriented Programming languages .

A class is a module which itself contains data and methods (functions) to achieve the task, main task is divided into several sub tasks, and these are represented as classes. Each class can perform several inter-related tasks for which several methods are written in a class.

This approach is called Object Oriented approach

Object Oriented Approach

Object Oriented approach

Advantage of Python Language

In OOPS, all programs involve creation of classes and objects,this makes programs lengthy

For example, we have to write all the statements of the program inside a class and then create objects to the class. Then use the features of the class through objects. This type of programming requires much code to perform a simple task like adding two numbers.

Also, the program execution takes more time. So, for simple tasks, it is still better to go for procedure oriented approach which offers less code and more speed. For example, a C program executes faster than its equivalent program written in Python or Java!

Even though, Python is an object oriented programming language like Java, it does not force the programmers to write programs in complete object oriented way.

Unlike Java, Python has a blend of both the object oriented and procedure oriented features. Hence, Python programmers can write programs using procedure oriented approach (like C) or object oriented approach (like Java) depending on their requirements. This is definitely an advantage for Python programmers!